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Sylvia; 20

Be kind.

Everyone should start treating everyone nicely.
No, I’m not asking everyone to fake their kindness. I’m asking for people to try to find some space to be caring despite the intention of being impartial.

If anything, how anyone carries themselves is shown by their behaviour. I’ve always thought of brains, looks, personality and attitude to be entirely separate compositions.
I’ve read somewhere that Personality and Attitude aren’t the same. Let me explain in a way I’ve allowed myself to understand.
A person can have a great attitude in his interactions, however, his/her personality may be dim.
Likewise, a person can have a great personality, but their attitude towards situations that aren’t in his/her favour is poor.

Okay, midnight rambles again. Goodnight! :)


I miss my baby sister so much right now I could cry but I won’t but I feel the strong feels.

I haven’t seen her in about 3-4 months now I suppose? We haven’t even skyped once :(
But it’s okay. She’s in France now and she got me a bag and a watermelon pineapple top (?) so yay!
-below is a series of photos, many of which are from 8-10 years ago when I was employed as my sister’s make-up artist.



It’s so much easier to not be a girl.

Unrelated ramble: Having no boyfriend means being able to make time for friends + studies and ancient Star Trek episodes. :3

The past few days of estrangement has brought me so much clarity. I, of all people, have always understood that we are our own people.
And really, there’s no need to say “stay strong” to me, because break-ups are overrated. This one wasn’t a wholly committed one and I was actually relieved when I let go. I’m not depressed, not suicidal, and pretty close to being happy (that I’m aware of, significantly).

So chill guyssssss